Mango Lassi in under 5 minutes

A delicious Mango Lassi that can be made in under 5 minutes.

Mango Lassi
Mango Lassi

Go to any Indian restaurant in the US and you are bound to find this beverage on the menu. Desis and Non-desis seem to like it very much. Even when you are entertaining guests at home, you need some beverage which can be made quick and still taste very authentic. Mango Lassi is one such beverage. Young and old, all like it. 

This recipe is very easy that even a kid could make it perhaps. Simply blend a can of Mango puree, full fat yogurt with some cardamom powder together and you are done.

A simple beverage that you can prepare just about anytime of the day!

Mango Lassi in under 5 minutes
  1. Mango Pulp - 1 can/30 oz./850 gms. About 4 cups. ( I use Swad Kesar, Sweetened )
  2. Thick Yogurt - 1 standard cup
  3. Powder from seeds of 3 cardamoms
  1. Pulse all the ingredients together until well blended. Thin it down adding milk/ice cubes if needed. Serve Chilled.
  1. Serves: 4-8
  1. 1) You can find Mango pulp at any Indian grocery store/Amazon.
  2. 2) I used sweetened pulp and hence did not add sugar. But if you are using un-sweetened, add sugar to taste.
  3. 3) Keep refrigerated until serving time.
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