Make henna pack for hair

Henna is a very good hair conditioner. It can be pricey to get this hair pack done at the salon. But it is super easy to make it at home. 

Here’s how. Boil about 3/4th cup water with 1 tspn tea powder and/or 1 tspn coffee powder for about 5 minutes covered with a lid. During the cold winter months or if you are prone to getting colds and headaches related to cold, you can add about 2 cloves too. Let this mixture cool. Strain this tea. In an iron vessel, take about a cup of henna powder. Add the strained tea and mix well to form a thick paste. Let stand for about 4-6 hours. Just before application, you can add about 1.5 tblspn of yogurt or a whole egg and mix well and then apply it on the hair. Leave the mask on for about 3-4 hours and then wash with plain water. Oil hair overnight and shampoo it off the next day. The amount of henna mentioned here should be sufficient for about shoulder length hair. 

Henna is a natural dye. So be careful when applying this mask. Wear gloves. You may wear old clothing and apply some oil or vaseline around the edges of your face.

I forgot to take a picture of this paste before application. Here is what the paste should look like when ready. I have used yogurt here.

Henna hair mask
Henna hair mask

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