Kheema Pav/Spiced Minced Meat with bread rolls

Minced/Ground Chicken cooked together with potato, peas and spice. Serve with some buttered rolls and a side of lettuce salad for a lip smacking meal.

Kheema Pav/Spiced Minced Meat with bread rolls
Kheema Pav/Spiced Minced Meat with bread rolls

This past Friday, we just had too many leftovers. So we decided to simply have leftovers for lunch on Saturday to clear up the fridge which also happened to be my weekly grocery shopping trip day. I went to shop in the evening. As I was driving to the store, I suddenly got hit by this craving to eat Kheema Pav. Yes, things like this happen to me all the time.

I meet many people who tell me that they had this hobby to cook for a year or two or so. For me, I think its more about satisfying my cravings. The simple urge to eat something tasty gets me in the mood to be creative in the kitchen. Just like everyone else I do have my share of “too lazy to cook” days as well and on such days, we just go out and eat or order takeouts or if hubby is in the mood, he cooks. But for the most part, my cravings are my inspiration 😀 Honestly, I treat my kitchen as a blank canvas working with produce, spices and flavors to create something that nourishes the body and yet pleases the taste buds. I find it so therapeutic.

So, yes, the craving hit me really really hard. Hubby called on the way asking if we should order out but as soon as I told him “Lets have Kheema Pav for dinner”, he was more than ecstatic. I picked up a pound of ground Chicken and some bread rolls while at the store. I was back by 7 pm probably. Ground meat cooks really fast. So I was done cooking and putting the groceries in their respective “homes” just before 8 pm and we had a yummy dinner. I was a happy soul. The kids relished it as well. And there were no leftovers to keep!

Kheema Pav/Spiced Minced Meat with bread rolls
  1. Minced/Ground Chicken/Any other meat - 1 lb (About half kg)
  2. Oil - A tblspn
  3. Peas - 3/4th cup
  4. Potato - 1 medium, cut into small cubes
  5. Cumin seeds - 1 heaped tspn
  6. Ginger - 1 tblspn grated or paste
  7. Garlic - 1 tblspn miced or paste
  8. Onion - 1-2, chopped
  9. Green Chilies - 2, chopped fine
  10. Tomato - 1 medium such as plum tomato, chopped
  11. Coriander powder - 2 tspns
  12. Cumin powder - 1 tspn
  13. Turmeric powder - 3/4th - 1 tspn
  14. Red Chili powder - 1/2 tspn or to taste
  15. Pepper powder - 1/4th tspn or to taste
  16. Garam Masala powder - 3/4th tspn
  17. Coriander leaves/Cilantro - leaves from 3-4 strands, chopped
  18. Water - 1/2 cup. (More or less per desired thickness of gravy)
  19. Salt - to taste
  1. Bread rolls - As needed
  2. Butter - As needed.
  1. 1) Heat Oil in a saute pan over medium heat. Once hot, add cumin seeds. Let them sizzle a bit.
  2. 2) Add ginger and garlic and saute for about 2 seconds. Add onion and green chilies and saute for 3-4 minutes.
  3. 3) Add all the spice powders except garam masala. Mix well and let cook for 2 seconds. Add tomato. Mix and let cook until the tomato turns soft and looks mushy.Do not let the spice powders burn. Lower heat if needed.
  4. 5) Add the meat. If using ground, try to break it in the pan mixing well as you work until the meat appears to change in color slightly.
  5. 6) Add peas, potato cubes, water and salt. Give everything a good stir to mix well. Cook covered with lid for about 12-15 minutes. Add garam masala and cilantro, mix and switch off flame. Serve with buttered rolls.
  1. Serves: 4
  1. 1) If you prefer dry Kheema, cook uncovered during the last 5 minutes of cook time.
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