Kada Prashad/Whole Wheat Flour Pudding/Aate ka halwa

A very delicious pudding/Sheera made with whole wheat flour.

Kada Prashad/Whole Wheat Flour Pudding/Aate ka halwa
Kada Prashad/Whole Wheat Flour Pudding/Aate ka halwa

This is one of the many dishes that I learnt from our kids’ Punjabi Nanny. This halwa tastes absolutely delicious especially on a cold evening. It is also actually the prashad that they give at the Gurudwara. Every sunday, our nanny would do seva there and come back with some Kada Prasad and Pakora. The kids would wait for her to come back and give them the sweet prasad.

When the kids were toddlers, I tried not to give them too much sweet or sugary stuff for snacks. But this was one halwa which I let the nanny make for them once in a while and they loved it. It was a good change from the routine as well. She would keep some for me since she knew that I loved it too.

It is also called Aate ka Seera. The key is to roast the flour well with ghee on a low flame until you smell the nutty aroma and then add the sugar and water. The traditional recipe uses 1 cup of flour, sugar and ghee with double the amount of water. You can add cardamom powder and nuts if you want to but this is not traditionally added. Also, I cut down on the amount of sugar and ghee when preparing it at home but it is delicious nevertheless.

Kada Prashad/Whole Wheat Flour Pudding/Aate ka halwa
  1. Whole Wheat Flour - 1 cup
  2. Sugar - 1 cup ( I use 3/4th cup )
  3. Ghee - 1 cup ( I use about 1/2 cup )
  4. Water - 2 cups ( Use more or less depending on desired consistency, less for thick)
  5. Nuts - Optional
  1. 1) Boil the water in a saucepan along with the sugar. We do not need a string consistency here. The sugar is added just so that it is dissolved evenly.
  2. 2) In the meanwhile, in a thick bottom pan, melt the ghee. Roast the flour in the ghee over low flame until a nice nutty aroma is let out, about 10 minutes. Do not let it burn. Switch off the flame at this stage.
  3. 3) Add the water and mix the flour well ensuring that there are no lumps until the desired consistency is achieved. It dries out and gets thicker a bit as it cools.
  4. 4) Add nuts if required. Serve hot.
  1. Serves: 3
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