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In my quest to simplify things, I have learnt some tips and tricks which I am sharing here. No, I haven’t figured out everything yet. I am still far from perfect. But I hope it makes a difference to at least one person out there.


How to clean a dingy stainless steel sink

The kitchen sink faces a lot of torture day in and day out. The stains from leftover food sometimes or ...
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Leftover Cranberry Sauce Muffins

Muffins made out of leftover Cranberry Sauce. I had about a cup of Cranberry sauce sitting in the refrigerator and ...
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How to make Chicken/Turkey Stock

There are some things which my frugal self refuses to buy from the store. One of them is stock. It ...
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What to do with leftover dal fry/tadka

Sometimes after you are done with the day's meals, you are left with about 1/2 to 1 cup of leftover ...
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Putting food on the table as a working parent

Cooking is not rocket science. But when you work full time, putting healthy home-made food on the table while also ...
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Make henna pack for hair

Henna is a very good hair conditioner. It can be pricey to get this hair pack done at the salon ...
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Remove blood stains from clothes

Any fresh or dried blood stains from clothes may be removed with any soap that you primarily use for body ...
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Pick the perfect avocado

A perfectly ripe avocado is the one which feels a tiny bit soft when you press gently from the outside ...
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Cook Fried Eggs faster

As a working mom of two little kids, every minute becomes so darn precious during the morning rush. More so, ...
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