Home remedy for cold related headache

Winter in New York can be really really cold. When I was a new comer here, I didn’t know that we had to really dress up for the winter. In other words, I had to learn the hard way that you should wear the right gear if you have to step out in the cold which includes a proper jacket, boots, gloves, scarf and of course the cap! Yes, no matter whether it spoils your hair style or not, you just cover and protect your head from the harsh winds.

I never had any issues with the cold really to begin with. But after I had my first child I had a real bad experience one day. I took shower before work. I was already getting late and didn’t have much time to blow dry my hair. I just dried it with a towel but it was still very lightly damp at the roots and I didn’t wear a cap/hat. That was a disaster. The cold winds hit my head. That night I had such a terrible headache. Almost like a migraine. It hurt seriously. I had trouble falling asleep.

The next day, I narrated this incident to our child’s nanny. She said that she had the same problem back in Punjab, India and at that time, some neighbor had suggested this remedy and it worked for her. It did for me too.

Here it is … Powder about 1/8th of a whole nutmeg. Heat some oil. The quantity should be sufficient enough to cover your scalp when applied, so about 2-3 teaspoons. Once hot but not fuming, add the nutmeg powder and heat for a little bit. Switch off the flame. Let it cool a bit to warm or as much warmth as you can take. Massage this mixture into your scalp. Leave overnight or at least for a couple of hours. Wash your head with warm water. 

You should probably feel good after the first attempt but if the headache still persists lightly, repeat it 2 more times. This is how the oil should look. I used coconut oil.

Nutmeg Oil for headache related to cold
Nutmeg Oil for headache related to cold

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