Have you de-cluttered your mind today?

Imagine your bag. Your favorite one. The one that you carry everywhere … from grocery shopping to the restaurant and everything in between. Over a period of time, you have accumulated all the receipts that were handed out at each store in it, perhaps a hair clip here, a kid’s favorite little thing there, may be something else. How does it feel? Does it weigh you down?

It is time for decluttering. Sort out the receipts. Keep some if you need to return items. Trash away the rest. Put that hair clip back in its place. Return that favorite possession to your kid. Keep just the minimum that you need to have in it. How does your bag feel now. Much lighter, isn’t it?

Think the same thing with your mind now. Perhaps it holds a grudge against someone. May be it is the deadline at work. Or an unfinished project at home. Whatever. Take a break, a deep breath. Even if for a minute or two. Forget about all those things in your mind. Just breathe. Listen to and feel your breathing pattern. Imagine the negative thoughts leaving you one by one. Now think of a happiest moment you have had. Perhaps the first time you met your special someone, or got a pet or just that teacher in your life who instilled courage in you to go on stage and utter those lines of your first play. How does it feel now? Lighter than before. Right?

Many a times, we declutter our home, our belongings and may be even our gadgets to make room for something new. But we tend not to declutter our minds. Let go of negativity. Bring in some positivity. It’s only one life after all. Don’t let the weight of your past disturb your present and your future. Think about it!

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