Grilled Pavbhaji Sandwich

A perfectly grilled yummy sandwich made using leftover pavbhaji. Kid friendly!

Grilled Pavbhaji Sandwich
Grilled Pavbhaji Sandwich

Sometimes when we make Bombay pavbhaji, there is some leftover bhaji which is not sufficient as a meal by itself. So this can be transformed very easily into a grilled sandwich or an open toast sandwich to form like mini pizza-style bites. And they taste yum! Well accepted by my picky eater, so you can imagine!

This is more like an idea giving post rather than perfect measurements recipe. You can make necessary tweaks wherever necessary. You don’t necessarily need a sandwich maker/grill for this. You can very well make a open toast sandwich using the same method on a iron griddle on the stovetop and let it heat through until the cheese melts. Or alternatively just finish it off in the oven. 

This can be had for breakfast or as an after school activity snack. It is filling and nutritious.

Grilled Pavbhaji Sandwich
  1. Sliced Bread - About 8, Whole Wheat or White, your choice
  2. Leftover bhaji from Bombay style pav-bhaji - About a cup
  3. Sliced Cheese - 4 slices
  4. Butter - As needed
  1. 1) Pre-heat the sandwich grill per instructions on the manual.
  2. 2) Take a slice of bread. Spread 1-2 tspns of bhaji. Put a slice of cheese on top. Cover with another slice of bread to form a sandwich. If you have a 2-sandwich maker grill, you would need to prepare 1 more of such sandwich.
  3. 3) Once the sandwich grill is ready, put a tiny bit of butter on the bottom side and place the prepared sandwich in the slot. Spread some butter on the top slice. Close the grill and let cook until the green light goes on or until ready. Serve with some ketchup if needed.
  4. 4) Repeat the steps for all other slices.
  1. Yield: Makes 8 triangular sandwiches
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