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Is it just me or has anyone else ever noticed that when you cook old-fashioned oats on the stove top following the instructions that come with it, it tastes a little slimy? Microwaved oatmeal tastes fine for some reason. But I try not to use the microwave too much. I am a ‘stove top’ person.

Previously, I did not eat oatmeal so much because of the ‘slime’ that I just mentioned. During one of our family vacations to Pennsylvania, the hotel that we stayed at served oatmeal for breakfast in one of those hot breakfast counters. Not the microwave version. Just the old fashioned oatmeal already prepared and ready to eat! I reluctantly tasted it and to my surprise, it was one of the yummiest oatmeal that I ever had. Creamy old fashioned oats with just the right amount of brown sugar and no ‘slime’ whatsoever. I immediately fell in love with it.

After returning home, I tried to recreate the version while the taste was so fresh in my mind. I am not sure how they prepared it at the hotel but the one that I tried at home matched so much in taste to the one that I had eaten. Now I eat oatmeal more often than before.

Top it the way you want, here’s old oatmeal the new way. Nothing fancy about it but tastes so good!

Stovetop Oatmeal
Old Fashioned Oats on Stove Top minus the slime
  1. Old Fashioned Oats - Use the measure on its box for desired number of servings
  2. Water - Use the measure on the box
  3. Salt - Use the measure on the box
  4. Brown Sugar - to taste
  5. Milk - per desired taste
  1. Blueberries
  2. Pumpkin Seeds
  3. Almonds
  4. Semi-sweet chocolate chips
  1. 1) In a pot mix oats, water and salt together and cook it on the stove top over medium flame for exactly 5 minutes or until the oats seem to have absorbed the most water. Switch off the flame.
  2. 2) Add brown sugar and milk per desired taste and consistency.
  3. 3) Top with 'Toppings' and serve.
  1. 1) For a creamier version, use more milk than water.
  2. 2) The difference lies in only mixing all the ingredients and cooking it together as opposed to bringing water to a boil and then adding oats.
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