Cook Fried Eggs faster

As a working mom of two little kids, every minute becomes so darn precious during the morning rush. More so, if you want to serve some hot breakfast to your family. And who doesn’t like eggs for breakfast! However, if you are like me and want to speed things up a little bit, go ahead and cook all the eggs in one shot at the same time.

Spread some oil on a large square griddle over medium heat. Crack the eggs one by one over it. Sprinkle some spices if you prefer and cook till done or the way you like it. You can cook up to 6 or 7 eggs together, which is plenty in our case.

Please excuse my picture here. One of the eggs tried to disobey me. However my faithful ‘heat’ caught a hold of it before it could run away.

Cook fried eggs faster
Cook fried eggs faster

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