Beetroot raita with onion

A vibrant beetroot raita/salad with just the basic ingredients.

Beetroot raita with onion
Beetroot raita with onion

Sometimes all that you need with a meal is a simple accompaniment. This is especially true if the main course consists of a dish which is either heavy on spices, rich or consists of something fried. In such situations, beetroot raita forms a perfect side.

Beet roots contain valuable nutrients that may help lower your blood pressure, fight cancer and inflammation, boost your stamina, and support detoxification. However, since Beet roots have the highest sugar content of all vegetables, so they should be eaten in moderation. 

This raita is super simple to put together once you have boiled and grated the beets. Just add some chilies, onion, yogurt, salt and cilanto. That is it!

Beetroot raita with onion
  1. Beetroot - 3 medium
  2. Yogurt, thick - About 1 standard cup or as needed
  3. Onion - 1 medium, chopped fine
  4. Green Chilies - 2, cut into pieces
  5. Salt - to taste
  6. Cilantro - leaves from a few strands, For garnish and flavor
  1. 1) Wash and cut each beetroot into 4 pieces. Boil them. I normally pressure cook them on high for 1 whistle and on low for 2-3 more whistles. Let cool and grate them.
  2. 2) Add in all the other ingredients. Serve.
  1. Serves: 8
  1. 1) If not serving immediately, keep refrigerated.
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