Banana-Strawberry-Blueberry Smoothie

We went berry picking this summer and really picked a whole lot of berries in excitement. After coming home, I realized that there was no way we could finish it up before they went bad. So I just tried freezing them in ziploc bags and it has been such a blessing! I always have the stock to prepare smoothies and muffins. Infact, blueberries freeze really well and are perfect for snacking any time you need.

This smoothie is my kid’s favorite. It’s filling and loaded with good-for-you ingredients! I was off from work today and made this after picking up my kids from school since they were hungry as usual. Ms. Cupcake made the heart with her m & ms while the little munchkin couldn’t wait for the picture to be taken so that he could gulp down the smoothie while chomping up the candy. 

Banana-Strawberry-Blueberry Smoothie
Banana-Strawberry-Blueberry Smoothie
Banana-Strawberry-Blueberry Smoothie
  1. Milk 2% - 2 cups
  2. Banana - 1, cut into small pieces
  3. Frozen Strawberries - a handful
  4. Frozen Blueberries - a handful
  5. Honey - 2 tspns for sweetening (Optional)
  1. Dump all ingredients in the blender and make smoothie. Enjoy!
  1. Servings - 3
  1. If you have fresh berries instead of frozen, you can add ice cubes and blend with the rest of the ingredients.
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