Working by choice, homemaking by passion … that pretty much describes me. Meet Anjali! I am an IT professional by day and a homemaker at other times. I am very passionate about the tasks that I undertake and try my best to do them meticulously. Faith in the almighty is what keeps me going on and tackle the many challenges that life throws at me.  

I am married to a very wonderful person, who likes all things chocolate, Mr.Chocolate Guy. We share the same taste when it comes to food, movies, travel and aesthetics. However, despite the similarities, we are complete opposites. I am a morning person and he is a night owl and yes, this did work like a charm in the days when our kids were babies. I occasionally get paranoid over small issues and he is ever-cool. Talk about opposites attract! This is what brings balance to our life and makes it all the more interesting. 

We are blessed with two adorable kids, Ms.Cupcake and a Little Munchkin. Ms.Cupcake is a kindhearted child but can also be a total drama queen at times. Li’l Munchkin is a bundle of mischief who makes our home all the more lively. 

I am a sister of one and daughter to the best parents ever! I basically owe all my life skills to them. 

I love nature and simplicity. In my free time, I like to read about health and personal finance and watch films. Walking, coding and cooking are my stress busters! I believe that you are what you eat and try to provide freshly cooked nutritious meals to my family. I put God and the people I love above everything else and that basically sums it up! 

This blog is my journey in dealing with the daily conundrums and learning and evolving as a person along the way. Every new stage of life had me ask some questions and figure out a few things … some simple and some not so simple. I will try and write about it here on my blog so that some day someone who is trying to find the same answers probably finds it and benefits from it. Perhaps my own kids may use it as a quick reference of mommy & daddy’s teachings!

Welcome to my blog and have fun!

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